Headcanon: Nappa always follows after Vegeta during the Prince’s first years of purging planets because he’s still worried that the Prince might be captured or someone sends an assassin after his charge. When Vegeta sees him, he just says dumb shit like he was just on a mission at a nearby planet or he wants to watch Vegeta conquer.

Vegeta: (Munching on a local) Whawt aw u doin hew?

Nappa: Oh, I was just um… Passing by, Prince Vegeta. I wanted to see how you beat them up all by yourself!

Vegeta: You’re not helping me right? I’m not a baby anymore, Nappa!

Nappa: Of course, Prince Vegeta! You don’t need my help! You’re the strongest Prince I know!

Vegeta: (glares at his Nanny Nappy) I’m your only Prince… Stoopid Nappa

Nappa: Erm… Shouldn’t you cook that first?

Vegeta: (pouts) I do what I want…


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