Mpreg Warning!!

First art of 2015. Was in a serious debate of whether or not to post this. Vegeta allows Goku to take more photos for the scrapbook. He’ll probably end up burning em. Hope this looks alright. Enjoy or don’t…

“Goku found the prince in the bathroom inspecting his reflection, a daily routine now. Vegeta was due very soon and he certainly looked it. Goku couldn’t help but stare, his mate was glowing. “Did you want something?” Vegeta growled knowing full well what Goku was there for. “Um…. well may I?” Goku asked rubbing his neck, inquisitively raising a camera. Vegeta frowned, god how he despised that look.  ”Pleeease?” Just great, now the idiot was giving him puppy dog eyes. After a few minutes of silence, the small man gave in, lifting his shirt to reveal his massive stomach. Goku watched a red tint spread across the prince’s face. “Well, get on with it Kakarrot!! I don’t have all day!”

And please, if reblogging, do not remove my artist comments. Really appreciate it, thank you


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