Can we talk about the fact that Goku was kind of jealous of Kaybe… 😀 😀 

We can! 😀

Goku wants some Vegeta lovin’. I feel bad for him. I feel like Super’s Vegeta is a bit contrary to where we left off with him at the end of the Buu Saga. Or maybe I’m an idiot and Vegeta really does hate Goku’s guts even though in the same show they literally just spent three years together alone.

…Also it’s kinda weird that Goku would ask questions like this. What would Vegeta even teach him at this point? This show’s writing is kinda all over the place.

I would like Vegeta to adopt Cabba, though. Lol

Maybe he was a little jealous! Or maybe he never thought that he annoyed Vegeta all that much, and mis-understood Piccolos teasing!

I think Vegeta has been teaching him, when they spared together in the RoSaT Goku says he sees where he has to improve. Maybe he doesn’t actually see that as teaching or wanting to help like how he did here with Cabba? They’ve been learning from each other in more subtle ways than outright teaching and lectures.

But maybe he wants some Vegeta lovin’ and Vegeta plays hard to get all the time.

I agree that they would have had to learn a lot from each other while training those three years. I’ll be more interested in seeing if they actually explore this more. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a joke about how much Vegeta hates Goku and Goku is just now realizing it. XD


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