Alrighty guys.

So I have watched the first season of DBZ like 600000 times because I own a physical copy heheh. I also recently got the first volume of the manga, and I’ve read it a million times too haha.

Anyway, so as I was reading it today for the million and first time, I realized that in the original manga copy, Piccolo only has four fingers? I knew he had five in the anime, so I, like a nerd, manually looked up the parallels and realized that I was right.

I Googled this because I was curious about canons and what other people thought, but after skimming through forums, all I came up with was a headcanon that healers may have five fingers while other Namekians have four.

I haven’t read the rest of the manga so I don’t know if the four-fingered thing continues? There’s also something about how four fingers should be canon because it’s the direct source from Toriyama, but nothing else.

Just curious about what other people think or if anyone else has noticed this (I’m sure I’m not the only person haha)

Seems like something @conceptcat would know more about~

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