Me as a worker at the Pokemon Daycare.

[Closed caption]

LOOK I QUIT! First of all somebody done had their Magmar in here for about 572 steps. It keeps asking me for a hug. Im tryna tell it its just lava with legs. It’s tryna figure out why i’m runnin. Fam, i told Machop to clean it’s room. That thing looked me in the windows of my soul and said “CHOP” i almost tore emm up, i swear i almost tore em up. ARE YOU THE ONE THAT BROUGHT THAT DITTO HERE? FAM, I LET THET DITTO OUT TO PLAY WITH THE REST OF THE POKEMON. I GO TO GET SOME WATER….ITS LIKE A POKEKKAKE OUT THERE! I couldn’t tell the difference between the Ditto and the rest of the……. Anyway you got an egg bruh you got like 10 eggs.


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